Bronze Squad

Squad Criteria

Attributes of Squad:
Bronze squad is an entry level squad which gives children coming from Learn to Swim.
Members of this squad are encouraged to start racing in club nights and local competition under the supervision
of the squad coach”

Training Times:

Please contact us for our current Timetable.

Swimmers have to attend at least one session per week. They are encouraged to attend 2 per week. Swimmers are also encouraged to play as many sports as possible.”

Skills needed for entry into squad:
– Dolphin kicking with fins
– Basic dives
– Able to do summersaults in the pool (to be developed into tumble turns)
– Understanding of finish of the different strokes”

Equipment needed for training:
– Goggles (have a spare one in the bag in case it breaks)
– Fins (they should fit to the feet)
– Kick board
– Drink bottle (full and on pool deck)”

Equipment needed for racing:
– Club swimming cap (have 2 spare ones in the bag in case they break)
– Club shirt”

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200 Lesmurdie Road, Lesmurdie WA