Peformance Squad

Squad Criteria

Attributes of Squad:
– Members of Performance Squad agree to race on a regular basis, non competitive swimmers stay in Gold Squad
– Member of Performance Squad see swimming as their main sport and agree to priorities swimming over other
Sports played.”

Training Times:
Currently not available.

– Swimmers have to attend at least 6 sessions per week.
– Swimmers have to do at least one session in the morning
– To be eligible to enter into Performance Squad, swimmers in Gold Squad will have to have an attendance of at least 90%, have to attend at least 4 sessions per week and have to have at least one event they have qualified for State Championship (Long Course or Short Course)”

Skills needed for entry into squad:
– Be able to do a proficent Push & Glide from the wall
– Dive and Glide
– Rule conformed turns in all strokes, with 5m Streamline off each wall
– Rule conformed finishes in all strokes”

Equipment needed for training:

– Goggles (have a spare one in the bag in case it breaks)
– Fins (they should fit to the feet)
– Kick board
– Snorkel
– Drink bottle (full and on pool deck)”

Equipment needed for racing:

– Club swimming cap (have 2 spare ones in the bag in case they break)
– Club shirt
– Club jumper and pants”

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