Membership Information

Any person joining Lesmurdie Legends Swimming Club Inc must be registered with Swimming WA as a Member. Parents are also required to register as a ‘non-swimming member’ at small cost if a Member is under 18 years of age.


Both Lesmurdie Legends Swimming Club Inc and Swimming WA registration (including payment) are required annually. The swimming season runs from October 1st of the year to the following 30th of September of the following year.

Membership fees are due October 1st of each year. Payment is made via Swimming WA website (refer HOW TO PAY) where both Fee 1 and 3 are combined in one payment.

Fee 1 – Swimming WA

As shown in 2022/2023 Fees section

Lesmurdie Legends Swimming Club Inc requires each family with a swimmer under the age of 18 to have a parent/guardian member registered with Swimming WA as a Non-Swimming member.  This membership will covered Swimming WA insurance policies, protected by the rules of the club and have voting rights at those meetings where such voting is entitled by the constitution.

Fee 2 – Pool use

Squad Training Fee’s are paid directly to the club.

Fee 3 – Club membership

Club Membership fees are paid while signing up with SWA.



This can be done via the Swimming WA website for new and renewals of membership click on the appropriate button below. Swimming WA offers payment via credit card and bpay.

Membership Renewals

New Memberships



If you are having trouble with how to do this please click on this link  xxx as it shows you a step by step guide how to work through the process.


Under review.


As the success of the club is dependent upon its members participating fully in club activities, there is an expectation for all members to provide assistance with the following activities of the club

  • Volunteering duties allocated to the club by Swimming WA events
  • Participation in Club nights/days
  • Club Fundraising
  • Official club functions

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